James R New Backbores $60 each

Our stock backbore sections are offered in four sizes. Tightest to most open they are, “L” Lead, ”, “C” Commercial, ”S” Studio, and “P” Philharmonic. Each can be ordered with the throat of choice, #29 through #24 are most common. Please specify at the time of order. 

We offer two shapes, standard and hex. The hex shape allows for eaisier removal of stuck backbones. A common 1/2” open end wrench will help to grip the stuck backbone. No more plier marks on your mouthpieces. The hex backbore also offers a slightly heavier weight.

Any of our backbores can be custom cut for sleeves the Gap Modulator or  for sleeves, at an additional cost of $50. each. When cut for sleeves the cost includes one sleeve of your choice, sizes #1-#7 by 1/2 sizes. Additional sleeves cost $20 each. Please specify at the time of order. The gap Modulator comes with one threaded sleeve to adjust the gap and one lock nut to maintain the chosen setting. View details in our Accesories section.

 Any of our standard backbore sections can also be ordered in black delrin, or white delrin. The cost is the same as our silver plated brass backbore sections at $60 each, plus shipping. (Hex shape is not offered in delrin)

Custom throat diameters can also be requested for both your tops and your backbore sections. From #29 to #24 are the most popular. #27 is considered standard by much of the industry. There is no extra cost for this service. Please specify at the time of order. 

Any of our tops and standard shaped backbores can also be ordered as solid one-piece mouthpieces. The cost of each solid one-piece mouthpiece in silver plate is $100. plus shipping.  Any of our tops and standard shaped backbores can also be ordered as solid one-piece mouthpieces in black delrin or white delrin. Lead times vary, please inquire for lead time quote. 

“L”  =  The “L” Lead backbore is our tightest backbore. For those who only play in the upper registers. High compression backbore with focused sound. Great projection. 

“C”  =  “C” Commercial backbore has great highs and full bodied core to the sound. Freer blowing than most commercial backbores. 

“S”  =  “S” Studio is designed for playing in every circumstance. Will blend with sections in concert, symphonic, chamber work as well as jazz. Great all-around backbore

“P”  =  “P” Philharmonic has that dark free blowing backbore that orchestra directors love to hear. Blends well within sections.

Custom sizes also offered

“2” = Bright commercial sound

“2S” = Bright focused efficient commercial sound, 

“6” = Bright edgy sound quality, used with shallow cup designs

“8” = Rich sound, free blowing

“9” = Focused, bright sound quality

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