James R New Mouthpiece Tops  $60. each


Our tops have been designed with three popular and comfortable rim shapes, each at five diameters ranging from an inner diameter of .630” to .670” We measure the inner diameter at the point where contour arcs change direction or the point where a rim meets the bowl or cup of the mouthpiece. Each rim shape at each diameter is offered with three cup depths, “S”, “M", and “D”. Thread size is 3/8"-40 which is compatible with many popular backbore designs. 

Any of our standard tops can also be ordered in black delrin, white delrin. The cost is the same as our silver plated tops at $60. each, plus shipping.

Custom throat diameters can also be requested for both your tops and your backbore sections. From #29 to #22 are the most popular. #27 is considered standard by much of the industry. There is no extra cost for this service. Please specify at the time of order. If we are currently out of stock, we will reply by email with an estimated shipping date.

Any of our tops and standard shaped backbores can also be ordered as solid one-piece mouthpieces. The cost of each solid one-piece mouthpiece in silver plate is $100. plus shipping.  Any of our tops and standard shaped backbores can also be ordered as solid one-piece mouthpieces in black delrin or white delrin. Lead times vary, please inquire for lead time quote. 


“R”  Round, is designed for greater flexibility, modeled after the rim used by Del Steiger renowned for his flexibility studies.

“S”      Standard is designed for comfort with a soft bite and plenty of support for comfort. Comparable to a quality Bach 3C rim shape

“W”     Wide rim with a greater degree of curvature at the high point. Designed to give aide and support for greater endurance and has a sharper bite for more responsive attacks.


“3”  =  .630”

“4”  =  .640

“5”  =  .650”

“6”  =  .660”

“7”  =  .670

Custom sizes in between, smaller, and larger than standard sizes can be custom ordered. Please send us your request via our “Contact” page.


“S”  =   shallow bowl shaped cup designed to assist in the upper registers, and add brilliance to the sound quality. Comparable to Reeves “S" cup depth.

“MS” = designed to be midway between “M" and "S" cup 

“M”  =  comparable to a “C” depth cup, good for all-around use. One of the most widely used cup depths in production today.

“D”  =  deep cup designed to produce rich, warm, darker sound qualities

Design your own top. Custom sizes in between our standard sizes can be custom ordered. If you can define it, we can make it. Please send us your request via our “Contact” page.

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