Lynn Nicholson 

Lynn, with his brilliant analytical mind, has created the ultimate tool to aide in trumpet playing development. Learning to use this tool correctly will dispell many of the myths falsly believed by trumpet players. Best used with his MF Protocol as taught in his “very zen “Got High Notes””  video, and taught in his “Mindless Hardware Methodology”, every serious trumpet player should consider. For purchase and further information visit the links below.

Lynn Nicholson XPiece

Lynn Nicholson Reversible Rim

Learn about the XPiece and Reversible Rim here

Lynn Nicholson Personal trumpet mouthpiece

Lynn Nicholson LPiece

The first run of the Nicholson Personal mouthpieces have shipped.  Lynn is  trying to determine how many to make for the second run, so if you're interested, but missed the first run, please contact Lynn at

Here is a clip with Lynn playing his Personal piece and his new $130 trekking trumpet for travel, so we don't have to worry about my large bore Bach commercial trumpet getting damaged or stolen.....

Here is how Lynn uses His XPiece and Reversible rim, check it out now!!!!

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