New York Classic Brass Mouthpieces

NY Classic Mouthpieces for Brass

Classic mouthpieces designed for the trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone. 

Brought back to life by digital computer technology and true to the original dimensions, and sound quality,

 these classics are now presented by 

Kazuhiro Sanada of Japan


Trumpet and Cornet

1S     3S     5S     6S    7S     10S     12S     17S

1M    3M     5M    6M    7M    10M     12M    17M

1C     3C     5C    6C     7C     10C     12C    17C

1B     3B     5B     6B     7B     10B     12B    

1VS   3VS   5VS  6VS   7VS  10VS  

1VM   3VM  5VM  6VM  7VM 10VM

1V      3V     5V     6V      7V   10V 


                                       1FL    3FL    5FL   6FL   7FL  10FL 12FL  17FL                                                                    

                                              Flugelhorn shanks available

                                                    Y = Comparable to Yamaha

                                                    B = Comparable to Bach

                                                    C = Comparable to Couesnon


               1G Large Shank, 1GM Large Shank

               2G Large Shank, 2GM Large Shank

               3G Large Shank,  3GM Large Shank

               4M Small Shank,  4C Small Shank, 4D Small Shank

              5M Small Shank,  5C Small Shank, 5D Small Shank

              6M Small Shank,  6D Small Shank

              SYM AL Small Shank, SYM AL Large Shank

              SYM B Small Shank, SYM B Large Shank

              SYM G Small Shank, SYM G Large Shank

              SYM T Small Shank, SYM T Large Shank

for information  and to purchase contact

Kazuhiro Sanada

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