Richard Smith - Mike Lovatt Trumpet Mouthpieces

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ML6 Lead 

ML4 Studio

ML4 Classic

Smith Watkins are proud to introduce an exciting range of Signature mouthpieces, designed in collaboration with British trumpet recording artist Mike Lovatt.

Mike’s extended playing range, and incredible technique requires a perfectly balanced mouthpiece, one which allows him to leap huge intervals with centered, accurate intonation and to change in a flash from a soaring lead sound to a warm broad ‘classical’ tone.

Working alongside SmithWatkins, and building on their Worldwide reputation, Mike has consulted to develop a range of 3 stunning mouthpieces and unique boosters.

The ML Studio, ML Lead and ML Classical,  are engineered specifically with today’s demanding performance requirements in mind.

The ML Signature mouthpieces offer exceptional qualities, incredible flexibility, plus impeccable intonation in all ranges.

The mouthpieces are paired with a range of unique ML Boosters.™

These are available in 3 weights and screw under the mouthpiece rim creating a solid mouthpiece.

With players demanding the perfect mouthpiece, Smith Watkins decided to collaborate with one of the UK’s most in-demand professional players, and offer a select line-up of these mouthpieces.

All ML Signature Series mouthpieces are produced on a precise, computer-controlled lathe to guarantee each one is an exact match to the one used by Mike.

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