James R New One-Piece Mouthpieces  $120. each

Our one-piece mouthpieces can be ordered with any configuration found within our two-piece mouthpiece selection. We offer three rim shapes, “R”, “S”,  “W”, in five widths, ranging from .630” to .670” inner diameter as measured at the point where the rim meets the cup. Each are offered in three cup depths, “S”, “M”, “D”. Standard is a #27 (,144”) throat and a choice of four backbore shapes. Tightest to most open they are “L” Lead, “C” Commercial, ”S” Studio, and “P” Philharmonic. Other backbores available. Please visit our backbore page. 

In addition, shanks can also be cut for sleeves, or for our proprietary Gap Modulator. Highly recommended !!!

Our selections can also be custom ordered in black delrin, or white delrin. for the same $120. plus shipping cost.

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