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 The New One Piece Najoom Custom Orchestral Trumpet Mouthpieces, and Tops and Backbore sections. 

One Piece models - $150. in silver plate

Tops $90 in silver plate

Backbore Sections $90 in silver plate

 The New One Piece Najoom Custom Orchestral Trumpet Mouthpieces.

Each model has been matched to one of 4 different popular traditional backbores.  The 10, 24, N (full Schmitt) and 117. Any one piece may be specially ordered with any one of these or many other backbores not listed

To make understanding each mouthpiece clear we are using universally understood model designation.

All of the line has the rim contour of a 1C rim from the early 70s as standard. Rim contours of 11/4MV, 11/2MV, 3CMV, pre 1X 1 and 1X rims can be matched to any of the line upon special order. 

Different diameters of these contours are also a special option. 11/2, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10. Rims can be made wider using the W designation. Such as 7CW/S

All can be ordered as a 2 piece so any of our backbores can be used. Any throat size at no extra cost.


The number and letter before the / is the type rim and after the / the type cup.

1C/C 24bb 27t: Traditional 1C. Full rich powerful sound.

1C/CM Nbb 27t:  Slightly less cup volume than the C cup. This and the M are my personal preference for all-around C and Bb trumpet playing. It is also excellent on the D and Eb trumpets. Very efficient.

1C/CM 24bb 24 throat: The ultimate for C trumpet orchestral playing.

1C/ M Nbb 27t: Has a 11/2 C cup. Beautiful warm colorful tone quality. Very efficient.

1C/MS 24bb 27t: Cup shape a bit shallower than the M but still with a beautiful full sound. Great for Pops and great on the Bb.

1C/MSV 10bb 27t: Little less volume than the MS but with more of a V cup. Beautiful sound on piccolo and also great for Pops.

1C/MSS 10bb 27t: Cup shape shallow piece for cutting high playing and also piccolo.

1C/S 10bb 27: My favorite for lead and piccolo. Based on a piece the great Bill Tottle created for me way back. Great for piccolo with the 117bb with trumpet or cornet shank.

1C/MD 24bb 27t: Beautiful warm quality with a 11/4C cup.

1C/MB Nbb 27t:  We matched a 1C rim with a 5B cup.  This combination has been widely used by many orchestral trumpet players.

1C/V 22t: This can be looked at as the savior. The 1C/V has a very deep cup and a shorter shank to keep the pitch close to a full length trumpet mouthpiece. It takes all edge out and can be used in any trumpet and most flugelhorns. Beethoven Violin Concerto 2nd trumpet part. Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Need I say more.

1C/ Fl 22t: Normal depth flugelhorn piece.

1C/VFL 22t: Same cup as the 1C/V. Less volume than the FL

Note: The backbore and throat combinations are suggestions. Any combination can be ordered along with any rim diameter and many different contours.


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